Sunday, October 7, 2007

Halloween Glitz

Since I own a total of three Halloween decorations (maybe someday I'll catch up with Nancy), I decided to spruce up my collection a little and make glittered pumpkins a la Martha.

The "mini pumpkins" are some dyed seed pods I got here last year, and I'm taking the day off work on Thursday to go with my mom and some sisters. I can't think of a better reason to take a day off work! And who knows, maybe I'll find something else to add to my Halloween Decor repertoire. I'll keep you posted.


karla said...


stacey said...

Glitter pumpkins are all the rage this year! I had no clue. Good ole Martha. Your pumpkins look great!

Nancy said...

So cute and so Martha Ange! I love it, I really wish I was one of your some sisters this Thurdsday! Have fun, maybe find me something cute. It is Hallie's birthday on Friday...

Becky said...

I love the pumpkins! So sparkly! I am very much looking forward to Gardner Village and all our cute finds there :)

pam said...

The first time I went to Gardener Village, with Nancy, when Dallas was a baby, and saw the great fall decorations and the lifesize witches, I also noticed some pumpkins painted purple and glittered with big decorative bows on top. Loved them, and made a bunch at home. But they didn't last long so I am in favor of the artivicial pumpkins

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