Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess I Should Have Gone Shopping First

My sister Becky is in town, and that means shopping with the girls! We went to Nordstroms on Tuesday and I saw the cutest purses. At first I thought they must be Orla Kiely bags, but no, they are Fossil! And way less expensive than Orla Kiely bags. Too bad I just made a new purse...

Maybe I'll just have to get a new wallet instead.

I just love coated canvas in a cute print!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nursery Tour

Well, I finally did it, I finished the nursery! I wanted to make as many things in here as possible, so that's why it took me so long. And you thought I was just being lazy!
We'll begin our virtual tour where you first enter the room. On our left are two wall mounted shelves (painted with the help of the lovely and talented Nancy). Here we find a few familiar faces, the elephant shrew, the dachshund lamp, and Karla's elephant, along with a few new faces that include some toys that belonged to my husband as a child.
Moving on to the second shelf, is a stuffed owl I made, a pink rubber duck (everyone needs one of those, right?) and soft letter blocks that my mom helped me finish.
Below the shelves is an white dresser that I made into a changing station. I made the pad using some vinyl coated fabric I purchased at Corn Wagon in Springville (they have the cutest vinyl coated fabric around, if you're in the market) and I got the pad inside at JoAnn's. I also made pockets to go on either side to hold all my diaper changing necessities.
As we continue our way around the room, on the next wall hang a couple of needle point pieces that my grandpa made a long time ago. (Yes, grandpa! He was one of my biggest crafting inspirations.) Next to those is a nice bright window with a patchwork curtain. This was actually the first decor item I made for the room, and was the fabric inspiration for most everything else, including something hanging from the ceiling to our right.
The mobile! I made the birds for the mobile using a pattern I found here, and I attached them to an embroidery hoop, trimmed with pom-poms, fabric, and ribbon. I got the idea to use pom-poms from Lovely by M's mobile. And my mom helped make the bias tape that covers the hoop.
Below the mobile is the crib, a gift from my husband's parents. Hanging on the side of the crib are a couple of afghans my husband's grandma made, and a quilt from Nancy is there to prevent soothie's from falling behind the crib. Yes, this happened once in the middle of the night. Not fun. Around the base of the crib is a crib skirt that is made using the same fabrics as in the curtain. (Okay, so part of the reason everything is made out of the same fabrics, is, well, I bought way too much. I'm really bad at trying to figure out how much fabric I need for a project, and tend to buy about twice as much as I need. Let's just say, I still have more. Maybe I'll make a quilt or something.) To the right of the crib is a painting I did in high school, that happens to co-ordinate with the room. Awesome.

And down inside the crib is the best part of the nursery. :)
Thanks to everyone who helped me finish all my projects!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Purse

Well, my last purse was starting to wear holes in the bottom, so that means it's really time to make a new one. I had a couple of fat quarters I bought a while ago at The Cotton Shop, which by the way, is an excellent place to get cute flannel for receiving blankets. My favorite place for that, actually.
So I just used two fat quarters for this project. It's pretty much the same basic design as all my other purses. If I didn't carry them over my shoulder like that, I'm pretty sure I'd loose my purse a lot. There's an interior pocket for my cell phone, and I decided to outline a few of the flowers on the flap with gold thread. What do you think?