Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gems and Jewels

Madre and I went to a bead show in Salt Lake about two weekends ago. I even took some pictures of the beads I bought, but I failed to post them. I'm such a failure! So here they are, in their raw state:

apple turquoise pendant





These last two beads are topaz and citrine. I used them in my latest project:

I had never used citrine before, but I decided I really like it. It has an interesting luster with almost a bluish cast, a lot like labradorite or moonstone. I think I'll start using it more often. In case you're curious the other two beads used in this necklace are amazonite (which Brian pronounces "amazin-ite!") and pearl. It's a two strand necklace that sits just past the base of my neck when it's on. Let me know what you think!


Austin said...

I didn't realize you were such a knowledgeable gemologist! They look great.

Nancy said...

Ange, cool beads, but even better: your pictures! Man, did you get a new camera? Can you teach me a few tricks?

pam said...

Loved seeing the necklace on you today. You are so speedy and talented with the silver wire and those little pliers. I guess I should try watching a little more TV and see if I can make something with the beads I bought. I too want some photography lessons and lessons on posting the pictures.

Stephanie said...

Angela...I had to comment on that necklace you made, it is so pretty. Citrine is one of my favorite stone's, I love it with Garnet. What size wire do you use? You are very talented!

Angela said...

I usually use 28 gage half hard wire, and I buy it at (it's linked to my page). They have the best price that I've found and free shipping! I do have some 30 gage that I use occasionally when the holes in the beads are too small for the 28. It's so thin it's a lot more dificult to work with so I try to avoid using it when I can. Thanks for checking in! Glad to hear you're doing well in California.

Emily said...

Your necklace is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

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