Friday, October 12, 2007

Odd Etsy Item of the Week

Dirty Hands? Wash them with some hot dog soap!

I wonder if they're scented? And if so, what do the dentures smell like?

Check out more of Kellerama's work here. These soaps actually remind me of this, because conceptually they're both quite similar. Call me an art nerd.


Emily said...

Kinda gross, Ange.

Nancy said...

those are hilarious. I saw a hot dog kids costume looked about like that, kinda funny Ange!

Amanda&Jonathan said...

I find the denture soap disturbing and fascinating. I wonder what else this person can make out of soap. Maybe some halloween-esque body part themed soaps would be cool. By the way, how is the world do you find this stuff?

Austin said...

Did somebody say body part soap?

Angela said...

Amanda-There's a lot of weird stuff on etsy. It's not hard to come by.
Austin- Yeah, I've seen those soaps before. I find them pretty disturbing, especially since they look like baby hands.

Abby said...

The Etsy soaps are funny and gross, but those hands soaps give me the willies.

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