Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Window Shopping

Abby was talking about liking things because she felt like she should, and she got me thinking. Sometimes I like things that I would never own, not because of they're necessarily out of my price range, but because they just aren't something I would own. Does that make sense? Anyway, here's a list of some things I like. Some of them I do own, some of them I would own, some of them I would not own, and some of them are not really things anyone would "own".

These measuring cups, because they're clever.
This mirror, even though I do not have a vanity.
This and That to go in my red kitchen.
This shirt, because you know you've all thought it.
This chandelier, because who wouldn't want to spend $90,000 on a light fixture?
This Mecca of deliciousness, because they're opening one in the U.T. tomorrow!
This album, because it's what's playing non-stop on my ipod/computer/car stereo, and if you're unfamiliar with him, this is a good one too.
These glasses, because painted tumblers always remind me of my grandpa's house.
This desk calendar, because it's lovely.
The guitarist in this band, because he's got mad skills.


Emily said...

None of the Anthropologie links worked for me.

Angela said...

Emily- I think I've fixed them. Let me know if they still don't work. Thanks-

karla said...

Loving the desk calendar! It would make a great addition to your new cubicle...if we ever actually move.

Abby said...

Love it all. (Especially Ray LaMontagne.)

And, yes, someone please mess with Texas.

Emily said...

I think maybe they just don't open in the browser I'm using.

Anonymous said...

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