Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall Leaves and Crazy Man

Brian and I went for our yearly fall drive up Payson Canyon on Sunday evening. It was a little late in the year to see all the color, but it was still beautiful. And I got a chance to practice some of my sweet photographing skills.
Some of the few red leaves still hanging on.

Golden aspens reflected in a puddle.

Along the shoreline of Payson Lake.
Quaking Aspen.

A cricket on the path around the lake.

This last picture is to show you the snow on the ground. It was really cold, and I wanted you to know how I suffer for my art. But that's nothing compared to this guy:

That, my friends, is a dude, fishing in a float tube. Yeah, the water was probably about 35-40 degrees. Now that is dedication. Insaine? Yes.


Austin said...

That's prime fishin' time! It's when they least expect it, the water is cold, nobody else is there, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Nancy said...

I really like the cricket pic. You're getting good. I wish we had fall leaves here, actually I wish we had leaves. Maybe next year I can join you.

karla said...

I like "Along the shoreline of Payson Lake." :)

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