Monday, December 3, 2007

Welcome to December

Well, it finally happened. We got our first real snow storm Friday night and all day Saturday. I don't deny that the snow is pretty, but only through the window from inside my heated home. However, I might be persuaded to venture out into the wet stuff if I had a pair of these

Pretty cute, huh? I saw them while looking through the Sunday ad's. They're a screaming deal for only $18 big ones. Do you think I could get away with wearing them to work?


Emily said...

I need a tutorial in how to wear these shoes. Cute, though.

Nancy said...

$18, that is a steal, I've seen very similar ones in Ballard Designs for more like $60. Very cute, wouldn't you slip in the snow in them though? How's the traction?

Angela said...

I haven't taken them for a test drive yet, so I'm not sure on the traction. I'll let you know!

karla said...

Hey - thanks for the link! I would love to own some cute rubber boots, too. Then we could both wear them to work!

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