Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Etsy Oddity of the Week

Okay, this one isn't so much odd, as awesome! These are images of screen printed shirts created by Ikyoto. But you have to read the descriptions to fully appreciate the awesomeness. Apparently all the images are from a vintage Japanese science textbook, depicting various scientific phenomena.

Ph Equation

Water Evaporation

Cool, eh?


Emily said...

Very cool.

Courtney said...

these are my favorite posts. Etsy overwhelms me - there is just so much to find. Somehow you find all the best (strangest) stuff!

Abby said...

The Japanese are so much cooler than us.

Austin said...

Iron Oxidation? Okay...I guess that makes sense.

Water Evaporation? Check, little men jumping out of the crowded pool.

pH Equation? What? What the heck is that diagram supposed to mean?

Neat stuff.

Angela said...

The pH equation is a strong acid + a strong base = a neutral

Nancy said...

and just how do you find these things?

Nancy said...

p.s. I totally don't get any of them, could you find me something that relates a little more to having children and doing the dishes?

Angela said...

Nancy-I like to choose a wide variety of odd etsy items. Those creepy baby tiles were for you!

Anonymous said...

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