Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

Well, it's November, and that means my three Halloween decorations came down, and my one Thanksgiving decoration went up.

I got this guy on my trip to Gardner Village with my Mom and my sister. But it seemed a little sad to only have one Thanksgiving decoration so I decided to make a wall hanging (which included a late night run to Roberts, where I ran into Karla!). I wanted a font that was tall and skinny, with serifs and high-situated cross-bars on the "H" and "A". I couldn't find one to fit that description, so the letters are free hand. I drew the pumpkin from one of my glitter pumpkins (those are still up, I guess they count as a Thanksgiving decoration too!), and the acorns were purely from my imagination. I like the way it turned out, but it feels a little insubstantial just hanging on the wall. I think I might frame it or something. Any suggestions? It still seems a little sparce in the front room, so I'm thinking I'll make one of these felt leaf garlands. I'll keep you posted.

*Sorry for the less than stellar photography. The light is best during the day when I'm at work...


Nancy said...

very cute Angela, maybe you need a Thanksgiving fabric bunting to hang above it to finish it off, see Becky for details... And we really expect more from your photography these days!

Austin said...

Good Job.
In other news, have you seen this?
Thought you might like it.

Angela said...

Why, yes, I have seen that. Pretty cool. I found out about it on design*sponge, I think. Where'd you find it?

karla said...

Wow! Impressive free-handing! I like the frame idea. I saw something on HGTV last week where they mounted a picture on foam board, cut out a frame from the outer edge, and mounted the middle part of the picture in front of the "frame" part. I can probably explain it better in person. Maybe something like that would work.

Angela said...

Karla, I saw that episode too! But I hadn't thought of using it here. It's a good idea, I'll have to look into it.

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