Thursday, December 20, 2007

Up and Down

I watched "North and South" last night. It's a BBC miniseries, and I had seen the first episode with my mom and sister about six months ago, but had to leave while they watched the other three episodes. I borrowed it from my friend a few days ago, and finally had some time to sit down and watch it. All four hours of it. No wonder I don't have my cards sent out or my neighbor gifts made! It was so good! I highly recommend it. While I was watching it the girl I borrowed it from stopped by with her husband to drop off their neighbor gift (everyone else is on the ball but me!). When I told her what I was watching she said her husband refers to it as "Up and Down". Silly boys. Brian actually watched quite a bit of it with me, and I'm pretty sure he liked it.


Nancy said...

do you still have it, can I borrow it, I'm on mom's computer with no question mark, but know that I would put one if I had it.

Angela said...

I do still have it, but I would feel weird lending out something that I borrowed. Maybe you could get it for Christmas. Or you could come over and watch it. And Mom's computer does have a question mark. Actually it has two! They're just in the wrong place.

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