Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Projects

Well, this was my project from last weekend.

My old purse had started to fall apart. Literally. I caught the strap on a door knob and ripped it right out. But it had a good long run, and is now in the drawer that holds old purses I've made and no longer use (yeah, I have a drawer for that). The fabric is Moda.

I also had an idea for a new pair of earrings.

Once again, I've forgotten the name of the green stone (I'm going to be better about that from now on though!), but the stones dangling from the bottom are faceted moonstone. What do you think?


Abby said...

Love them both!!!

I am wondering, how big is that blue stone in the earrings? Say, penny sized? Bigger? Smaller?

Angela said...

I'm glad you like them! The blue stones are actually closer to dime size.

pam said...

You know I love moonstones and turquoise, they are really pretty. Looking forward to the gem show. Maybe you can find out then what the turquoise stones are called.

pam said...

Forgot to mention the purse, it looks really cute. Is it about the same size as the one you have relegated to the dead purse drawer?

Angela said...

Glad you like everything. I'm excited for the beadshow too. The purse is pretty much exactly the same size as my old one. I don't know that I'll go bigger until I'm a mom (and no, Nancy, that wasn't an annoucement!)

karla said...

Oooh! Aaah! Both are lovely!