Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wow, I didn't know the star feature in Reader was going to be a novel thing for you all! I'm so glad I could help out, although, I apologize if I've only further fed your addiction. To make up for it if I did, here are a few more awesome tips:

  • Baby Shampoo is a cheap, yet effective eye make-up remover. Just rub a little with warm water on your eyes and voila, clean eyes, and no tears!

  • A grapefruit spoon is not a grapefruit spoon when it's a peeler for fresh ginger, or a strawberry huller, or a great tool for getting kiwi out of it's fuzzy skin.

  • Newly shaved legs + Baby Lotion = Silky Skin Perfection

  • This makes for a great summer foot exfoliater. The next best thing to getting a pedicure, but way less expensive.

And coming soon, another shirt to cardigan tutorial, but with more pictures this time...


Nancy said...

you are cute Ang, thanks for the tips lady!

Kikal said...

Baby LOTION is also a good eye makeup remover, and then you don't get crows feet.