Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things I'm Enjoying Lately

  1. This DVD - Great to throw in while you're cleaning or making dinner

  2. This Lotion - I just love the way it smells.

  3. This Farmer's Market - a big bag of delicious apples for one buck!

  4. This Face Wash - It's a little weird at first, but I'm a big fan.

  5. This Blush - It has a powder finish, but lasts longer.
  6. This Ribbon - The first spool on the post.
  7. This Painting - It's weird, but I kind of love it.
  8. These Soft Sculptures - Because they're more art than toy.
  9. This shop - Okay, so I haven't actually been there, but who wants to go check it out with me?

And a late addition to the list:

10. This Mobile - Complete with instructions on making your own!


Nancy said...

okay so first just yesterday I was thinking Angela really needs a new post! Second, I use cocoa butter lotion as well, love it, but I use the cheap Suave version. Does the olive oil stuff make you break out? I just noticed that ribbon yesterday on JCaroline, I think that girl designs stuff for them, Did you see Linda Rutter at the Farmer's Market? She used to sell stuff there, and about real deals, you'll like it, didn't I take you to the one here? It's a chain, and their thing is that they are only open 3 times a week, and their stuff is cute and cheap from China. They are also located in warehouses that give them cheap rent so they can keep their costs down. They always have really good deals after holidays, just a tip for you! There's a bunch of them in Utah, google Real Deals. You'd like it, I'm thinking I took you to the one here, maybe it was just Mom. Fun stuff Ange, kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Angela said...

Whoa, long comment! The olive oil stuff hasn't made me break out. I wouldn't like it if it had. I didn't see Linda at the Farmers Market. And now that you mention it, I did go to the one in AZ, but I forgot what it was called. Are there any closer to me than Holliday?

pam said...

I like the octopus painting. It kind of looks like a kind of glass or crystal chandalier.

Becky said...

Great List, Ang! Cause who couldn't use an octapus tryptic on their wall? It goes with everything! And does it feel like you're slathering olive oil on your face? Cause that will remind me of mom and the vitamin E capsules and I don't know if I can go there. . .also. . .is John Mayer nice? Cause I totally love his music but somebody recently told me that he is a real jerk when it comes to his women and that makes me sad and not want to listen to his rad voice. I hate jerks masquerading as cool swooners.

And I don't get Nancy's comment. . .is there a store in Utah called Real Deals? And if so, why haven't you taken me there? Do we need to schedule another sisters reunion? "Girls Only, Craig Reunion Part II". Cause if there's REAL deals, I'm there!

Becky said...

so my last comment was not so insightful. . .I get it now. I wanna check it out with you!

Angela said...

It's hard to say if John Mayer is a nice person, since I don't know him personally. I think it's really hard to judge a person based on their public persona, or something they said in an interview, or that I read in article that may have been misconstrued or taken out of context. And since I'm not looking to him for moral guidance, I guess I don't consider it my business what he's like. As far as I'm aware, he hasn't done anything glaringly bad like A LOT of famous people. He didn't leave (and probably cheat on) his wife of many years for Angelina Jolie. He isn't like Oprah and George Clooney and says that marriage and family aren't imporant. He isn't like John McCain who cheated on his first wife habitually. Basically, I like his music and from what I can tell he seems like a nice, if not perfect guy.