Thursday, May 1, 2008

Almost as Contrary as Mary

Guess what got planted in my backyard this weekend?!

It's only my favorite flower ever! We also found some awesomely-hot hot pink and orange poppies. Couldn't pass these up.

And our little home-improvement project in the back yard was mounting some flower boxes on the fence. Sorry I don't have a great picture of them because of where the sun was at the time, but you get the idea. And Brian's happy to show them off to anyone who wants to come visit us in real-life (not just blog-life). I'm pretty excited for the end of the season when they'll be full and overflowing with petunias. Last, but not least, a water fountain for ambiance (it's nice to have some white noise when you basically share a fence with 30 families!). The pineapple flourishes are for you, Mom!
We also planted a little "salsa garden" with tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, and cucumbers.


MarySue said...

Yeah, you got your ranunculus and a whole lot more. I'm so very impressed!

karla said...

Love the ranunculus!

pam said...

Your yard looks great! Hope the tomatoes do O.K. The people in our ward told us to wait until after Mother's Day to plant the tomatoes, so since all the stuff I already put in pots died in the snow storms, we are waiting until after Mother's Day to plant the tomatoes!

Becky said...

How wonderful! I bet you love it! Here's to your green thumb :), fav flowers and home grown salsa!

Nancy said...

so pretty Ang, my yard needs help! Maybe when I live in Utah where stuff can actually grow I'll become a gardner too, but as you well know, My thumb is not green, and my husband's is black!