Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

What's that, you say? Valentines was over a week and a half ago? Well, the decorations are still up at my house! And I'm just now getting around to blogging about them. What can I say, I'm a little slow. I have a box full of vintage Valentines I found at my grandparent's house that I've kept, and this year I decided to frame some of them with some scrapbook paper for Valentine's Decorations. What do you think?

Also my sweet husband gave me some lovely flowers. He bought two bouquets so I could combine them into one arrangement since he knows I like to arrange flowers. So thoughtful, that one. I think I'll keep him!

And I got him this DVD, because, you know, he's a rock star.


Nancy said...

hmm maybe you should share your vintage valentine find... but I love them all the same, and the flowers and the poster, it's nice to still be feeling the love post V-day, I still have my decs up!

Angela said...

Just to clarify, I got him a DVD, not a poster. And I do have several valentines that are duplicates, so as long as they stay in the family, I'm happy to share!

pam said...

So glad you saved the valentines. Love the way you have displayed them. They look so cute. Love the flowers too and I am sure I would like the cd if I were to hear it.

Rebecca Luke said...

I love those valentines! I think that you should scan them and put them up so we can dowload them.... that's what I would do... Only I don't have any cute vintage valentines to do that with... so I can't.... so you should. I'm done typing now.