Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sold to Bidder Number 42!

Tonight is our annual service auction. I'm not in charge this year, so I just get to go and enjoy. Lovely. I'll be donating these earrings:

(Pink Quartz accented with Garnet)

I'm also donating the same two cheesecakes I made last year. I might bid on the chocolate one myself, because now I really want to eat it! I'll have to let you know how it goes.

*Update: The auction went well, and I am the lucky winner of two loaves of homemade cinnamon swirl bread. Yum!


Nancy said...

if you win the cheesecake can I have some?

Michelle said...

Dang!! I'm so sad I missed out on a chance for your delish cheesecakes and a pair of earrings! I'm already sporting an Angela original, but who couldn't use another?

Tiffany said...

Hello! Found your blog via our relief society blog...and I'm SO GLAD I was the lucky winner of the chocolate cheese cake, but a little sad I didn't win the earrings. I'm a fan:)