Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm In Love

With a really expensive chair (the one on the left).

First I saw it on DesignSponge, but there wasn't any reference, so I googled "plywood elephant stool". Turns out it's famous. Nuts! I could always get the cheap(er) plastic version.
The pink one is pretty cute. But that's still a lot, especially for the cheaper plastic version. Or the miniature version. Yeah, it's so famous, you can buy it in miniature. But that's even more than I would likely spend on a normal sized chair. Probably, I'll just admire it for free in picture form.


karla said...

So cute! I have an idea - recruit your amazingly talented sister Katie to make you one. She was an industrial design major, right? Or just bust out a saw (or some other tool) and make one yourself!

Nancy said...

is there any reason in particular that you want the pink one?

AaReAn said...

how cute are these!?! And no I had to give back my cello last month b/c my contract was up and so I either had to give it back or buy it. And I didn't particularly want to buy a $3000 cello right now?!?!?! Sad but true.

pam said...

Maybe you ought to try out sitting on it. It looks a little precarious?

stacey said...

That is a fun bt impractical piece of furniture!

I meant to leave you a comment forever ago but I forgot. Tys and I would love to go to a Bee's game. We'd have to figure out a day that works with his travelling schedule though. So just email, call, text, whatever.

Amanda+Jonathan said...


I think I can find you one of those on the black market in Japan...maybe.

If not an elephant, I bet they would have a dragon chair. Do you like dragons.