Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank You Martha

So I was reading this months Martha Stewart Sunday night and saw an ad for this:
I don't think I've ever seen lemon ice cream before. Lemon sorbet or sherbet, yes. Ice cream, no. I'm a bit of a lemon fiend, and really, who doesn't love anything Haagen-Dazs? So Monday night at the grocery store, I decided to pick some up and try it.
Oh, it's good.
Even my husband (who is not a lemon fiend, and thinks I have a some-what unnatural affinity for lemons) really liked it. I'm excited to have a little more after dinner tonight. You should probably try it. That's all. :)


Nancy said...

I like lemon too, but maybe you like it more, I'm more of a chocolate girl, you get the lemon love from Mom and the tree in the back yard. Tell Brian had he grown up with a lemon tree he would get it.

pam said...

I guess we all miss that large, productive lemon tree from the back yard. You probably miss the grapefruit trees too. The lemon ice cream sounds good. I am drawn to recipes with lemon, the flavor and tartness are kind of addictive.

Dawn said...

I am a major lemon fan also so I think you've convinced me to give it a try! And you're right you can't really go wrong withg haagan daz. Nancy showed me a picture of your sweet girl, she is gorgeous! Congratulations:)