Friday, January 22, 2010

What I Can Do

As a new mother, I spend a fair bit of time nursing my baby. And to keep myself entertained while doing so, I'll read, surf the Internet, or watch TV. I don't know if you've watched much TV lately, but if you've turned on CNN, it's pretty much constant coverage of the Haiti earthquake and ensuing spiral into chaos. Here I sit on my big comfy couch, in my nice, temperature-regulated, structurally-sound home, feeding my baby, while watching Soledad O'Brien report about orphaned babies in Haiti with no formula.

Que the tears and feelings of helplessness.

It was a familiar feeling. I remembered feeling that way when I read about NieNie's accident. But that familiarity reminded me that I am, in fact, not helpless. DesignMom empowered me to know that even if my talents cannot directly contribute to the cause, there is some way to help. I may not be able to, quite literally, rescue a child from imminent danger like Anderson Cooper, but I have the ability to help in my own small way. And if Larry King can auction off his suspenders for the cause, I can sell my jewelry, and donate all proceeds to the relief effort. So that's what I'm doing. For any jewelry sold in my etsy shop by January 31st, I will be donating 100% of the proceeds. I'll be posting a couple of new items in the shop this coming week as well, so check back regularly.

Make a purchase if you have the means, and please help spread the word through your own blogs, and we can all help those in such desperate need.

Thank you-



Petersen Palace said...

Angela your blog is so sweet. Your little doll has an angel face. I'm so glad she is healthy. I would love to buy something from you...if you have any dangle earrings around that's what I'm looking for. See you Sunday! :)

AaReAn said...

what a great idea angela. Today on Oprah they talked about different ways we can all help. A little goes a long way! This is such a good effort, will you be posting more designs or whats up is up? I love the green and black earrings and I was just about to buy them and then thought "wait maybe she is going to be putting some more designs up?!" so I just wanted to make sure.

Nancy said...

what a great idea Ang, you are awesome!

pam said...

I ditto what Nancy said, you are awesome.