Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Bee

Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Slept in. An ever-important Saturday activity.
2. Made some new jewelry, and posted it in the shop.
3. Smoked this guy off the line while driving in Provo.
4. Completely changed my hair. I like to do that some times.
5. Visited my Mom and Dad.
6. Welcomed my husband home from a St. George golfing trip.

Good Saturday, eh? Here's some pictures of the new stuff.


pam said...

The jewelry is all so pretty. I especially like the crystal pendants. Thanks for coming so we could see the new you.

Becky said...

Love, love, love the jewlery, but where my darling is the photo depicting the new you? You must post this pronto. And welcome home to the Rock Star.

Nancy said...

It's too bad we missed you Saturday, Travis had a bee in his bonnet or something. Can't wait to see your new do, why don't you post pics?

Katherine Fajen said...

Pretty jewelry...let's see the new hair!!

karla said...

Love 'em! I especially like the necklace and the gray earrings. And I want to see you're new hair do! Did Steve ask if you got a new blouse? :)