Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sun Shine and Sparkle

So it's been a while! I've been looking forward to going to the infamous bead show for sometime now, and in its shadow nothing else seemed very blog-worthy. But I'm back and have so much to share. I flew down to sunny Arizona last Thursday where I had the pleasure of staying with my lovely eldest sister, Becky, AND was able to meet the latest edition to her family. What a beautiful boy! While there, I was treated to Barrow's Pizza (not once, but twice!) and a delicious lunch at the tasty (and famous) Chino Bandido. Mmmm, Jade Red chicken. Did you know that's where I took my husband for lunch on our wedding day? It's true.

Of course all these fun activities were just pre-cursors to the main event. Saturday I drove down to Tucson with my Mom and sister, Nancy. We heard on the radio that there were something like 45 different show locations all over town, and we only went to two! We're talking tents the size of football fields filled to the brim with beads, gemstones, jewelry, etc. Here's a little sampling a what I bought this year:

(clockwise from top left: moonstone, citrine, aquamarine, labradorite, pearls in various colors and sizes, moonstone, pink quartz, labradorite)

Clockwise from top left: (crystal, Venetian blown glass, glass, lemon quartz, and....I don't remember)

I also purchased some glass beads, and I'll post pictures of those later. I'll be using them at a church craft night class I'm teaching on the 20th. I'll be showing how to make simple earrings. Anyone in the area is welcome to attend, so contact me if you're interested. I also got some non-sparkly things like wire, crimps, ear wires, you know, the boring stuff. Monday morning my mom and I drove back to UT in the rain and snow. The drive itself wasn't so bad, but I was a little sad to leave the sunshine. Fortunately, we loaded up on oranges, grapefruits and lemons from my sister's trees. And it's a good thing I have all that vitamin C, because I also brought home a cold. Bummer. But the rock star had a little something for me at home to make me smile. What a nice boy he is!


AaReAn said...

oh my gosh I am going next year!!!! :-) That'll be something to look forward to! :-)

Karie said...

wow, sounds like a lot of fun! I am jealous that you were in Arizona! And what beautiful flowers!

Nancy said...

Ang, that was way fun, glad I was here still and glad you could come. Save me some lemon juice, oh and what a nice boy you married!

Michelle said...

oooh. Those are some definite pretties.

karla said...

Oooh...pretty! I would totally come to your Enrichment if I could, and I am jealous of the yummy fruit you brought back. Glad it was a good trip!

pam said...

Sorry you got the cold that was going around. So far I have managed to keep it away from me. I too have enjoyed the citrus. I made some lemon curd. If you have any left that you are not using, I could take it off your hands.