Monday, December 29, 2008


As if you haven't had enough delicious food to eat lately, but this recipe looks delicious. I just might have to try it. As a general rule, I don't usually like coconut, but I usually like coconut shrimp. It sounds like excellent New Years Eve finger-food. Yum.

*Update, I made them tonight and they were so tasty! Especially the dipping sauce.

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Nancy said...

I would say ewe, gross, but for your sake I'll say, mmm...I bet you'll love it. Wish we could spend New Years together, I can't get anyone to party with me here, Mandy said, "I don't really do New Year's Eve, you know me, I go to bed early." That's a party pooper philosophy if I've ever heard one, I hope she reads this! To that I say I'll enjoy my cheeseball and Martinelli's by myself thank you very much.