Monday, October 13, 2008

Surf's Up!

I found an interesting art blog while I was surfing. Here are links to some posts I liked:

Paper Sculpture
I think it's the crafter in me that always enjoys good paper sculpture

Painted Elephant

Balloon Girl
Both this painting and the elephant are by the same famous (in-famous) graffiti artist, Banksy

God's Eye View
Interesting twist on the religious art tradition. This is meant to be an aerial image of Moses parting the Red Sea.

Ball-Point Pen Drawing
Simply amazing

Face Morphing
Fun to watch

Living Walls
This one's pretty long and bizarre, but I thought Austin would find the animation interesting.

Please note: the blog has some nudity and otherwise potentially offensive images. Consider yourself warned.


Sheri Willardson said...

I love your artistic taste and the things you find. You have a great eye for art!

Emily said...

I feel like all the young women in the world need to see the face morphing video to gain an appreciation for beauty taking all kinds of different forms. Also, the ball-point pen thing is crazy good.

MarySue said...

Thanks for sharing such interesting art/sights. Creative like you.

pam said...

Lots of interesting stuff. I especially enjoyed all the beautifully morphing faces.